Firefox 1.5 rc1

When i user the grid (beta 1 or 2) the scrollbar disappears. I searched the forum but didn't find a topic about this specific problem (there are other bugs with 1.5). When you load the page you see a flash of the scrollbars and than they are gone... so there is no ability to scroll. .. keyboard or scrollwheel doesn't work either. Any idea's?
Rik Smith
November 9,
This is similar behavior to what I experienced when I have a tab control with grids in Firefox and Netscape (not with IE). I also end up getting scroll bars on grids that should not have any. I noticed that when you resort a column, it corrects itself (removing scrolll bars when there should be none and adding them when they should be there.) It must be related to the grid refresh somehow because if I refresh the grid one time after it has been displayed, then it won't have that problem until you reload the page again.
Rick Villela
November 9,
Well sorting / refreshing the grid is not working in my case... but looking at the javascript console won't make you happy... a long long list of errors in the css.
Rik Smith
November 10,
I've encountered the same problem. There are scroll bars in each of the cells in the header row, instead of the title, and none on the grid side and bottom.

Even the grid on this site doesn't work.
November 13,
why, when I copy the aw.css into a new .css but another name (even change the position a png's path) the new css is not working for FireFox else IE if working
Oscar Bravo
February 28,
the name of the css file does not matter but you should copy gecko.xml into the same folder as your new css file.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 28,

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