Blinking cursor lost in text / textarea boxes in Firefox

I've noticed that when I place a text box or textarea form element within a cell, I lose the blinking cursor when I click on the form element using Firefox. The cursor does appear normally when I use IE.
Here is a code snippet that I am using:

var grid1_grid_data = [
["<input type='text' name='list_num_1' value='1.00' size='5' class='num' >",
"<textarea name='dwg_desc_1' cols='40' rows='2'>Title Sheet</textarea>",
"08/02/2004&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href='javascript:edit_item(9)'><img src='/images/button_edit.png' border='0' title='Edit item'></a><a href='javascript:delete_item(1,9)'><img src='/images/button_drop.png' border='0' title='Drop item'></a>"],

try {
var grid1 = new Active.Controls.Grid;
grid1.setDataText(function(i, j){return grid1_grid_data[i][j]});
grid1.setColumnText(function(i){return grid1_columns[i]});
var alternate = function() {
return this.getRowProperty("order") % 2 ? "mistyrose" : "white";

Is there a way of forcing Firefox to display the blinking cursor when I click in the textarea or text box? IE seems to work fine this way as is.

I'm not sure which version I'm using.

November 4,
You are using 1.x, you know this because you create your grid with Active.Controls.Grid. In 2.x it's AW.UI.Grid. I don't have an snswer for you on the cursor. I suggest that you check the web to see if there is a special CSS for this in FF. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Jim Hunter
November 4,
November 4,
This is a bug in FireFox and the gecko engine in general. Have a look here:


In the special case of the grid this is caused by the .active-scroll-bars style which includes the line:


In general the bug shows up if an input field is positioned with absolute coordinates above the grid or any element with overflow set to auto. Two workarounds are mentioned in mozilla bug 167801 which were not applyable to my code.

Please add your comment into the bugzilla page of mozilla to bug 167801 because the bug is known now for nearly two years and is not fixed yet.

Maybe Alex has some hints for us?

Thank you!
November 5,
the problem is between overflow and position absolut
if you give a position fixed to the inputfield you will get a cursor on it even when it's in the grid
Marco Bergen
November 21,

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