virtual mode and multi-select


I use virtual mode with several rows (like you, almost 1000). I'd like to use multi-select and i saw in your code :

// obj.setSelectionMode("single-cell"); // default
// obj.setSelectionMode("single-row");

is there a obj.setSelectionMode("multi-row"); ? I tried something with checkbox (like http://webmail.mbn.ch/table/dyntable.php) but it doesn't work with AW.Grid.Extended...

Is there somewhere i can see specifications of this grid? Here i can see only Active.Controls.Grid ...

November 4,
multiple selection is missing in beta1. This feature will be added to beta2.
Rick Jordan
November 5,
I haven't find "obj.setSelectionMode("multiple-row");" in the exemple of beta2 grid. Does it work?

November 10,
Alex is working on more examples of the Beta 2 code that will show how to use the new features. The multi-select might be in those new examples. I think the timeline for the docs was very soon.
Jim Hunter
November 10,

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