Grid loses scroll bars and contents then dissappear


I am using IE6. I noticed that every now and then my grid would lose the horizontal and vertical scroll bars and then if I clicked anywhere in the data section, the data would dissappear. This usually happened after refreshing a page or going back to a previously displayed page.

Although it is quite inconsistent and erratic, I have managed to replicate it.

Some things I have found:

* It only happens inside a table (if you comment out the <table> tags in my example, it does not seem to happen)
* The more data - the quicker it happens
* It also only seems to happens if this is set:

Use the following code (which I have simplified for the purposes of this example) - when the grid is displayed, refresh the page a couple of times (use F5) and you should notice that the horizontal and vertical scroll bars eventually dissapear and the grid contents will then go blank if you click anywhere inside the grid..

If you don't get it to fail at first, keep on refreshing the page - it will eventually happen. Could this be related to the memory leak problem mentioned in an earlier post?

var myHeaders = ["File Ref", "LAW Ref", "Their Ref", "Description", "Location","File Ref", "LAW Ref", "Their Ref", "Description", "Location"];
var myData = [];
myData[30] = ["094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[31] = ["095","3129","12231","DEF","bbb","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[32] = ["094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[33] = ["095","3129","12231","DEF","bbb","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[34] = ["094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[35] = ["095","3129","12231","DEF","bbb","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[36] = ["094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[37] = ["095","3129","12231","DEF","bbb","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[38] = ["095","3129","12231","DEF","bbb","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[39] = ["095","3129","12231","DEF","bbb","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[40] = ["094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[41] = ["095","3129","12231","DEF","bbb","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[42] = ["094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[43] = ["095","3129","12231","DEF","bbb","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[44] = ["094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[45] = ["095","3129","12231","DEF","bbb","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[46] = ["094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[47] = ["095","3129","12231","DEF","bbb","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[48] = ["095","3129","12231","DEF","bbb","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
myData[49] = ["095","3129","12231","DEF","bbb","094","3128","23231","ABC","aaa"];
    var obj = new AW.UI.Grid;

Rick Jordan
October 24,

yes, there is a problem with 2.0b1 grid inside TABLE tag (and IFRAME). Should be fixed for beta2.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 24,
Great - thanks.
Rick Jordan
October 25,

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