Combo does not accept more than 13 chars?

I's trying the new combo functionnality; and when i put some string larger than 13 chars, then the item of the combo list is not displayed... some kind of wrap problem maybe... but the item is still selectable...

Seen this one alex?
Andreas Richter
October 22,
I needed to add that changing the width of the control does not help...
Andreas Richter
October 22,
Combo (and input box) should be fixed in beta2 (soon).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 24,
i am trying v2 and xp.css style, here is a little hard-coded (in xp.css) change that worked for me, it was to add this lines:

in ".aw-item-template{" class, set "width 250px" ,
in ".aw-popup-window .aw-mouseover-item{" class, add "width:250px"

now, my items accept strings larger than 13 characters, but i still looking for combo's title fix

sorry for my english, i just learning it ;)
Dariusz Domagalski - kronos
October 24,
in xp.css:
should be enought for items > 13 chars
Dariusz Domagalski - kronos
October 24,
Re: Combo does not accept more than 13 chars?

<script src="../../runtime/lib/aw.js"></script>
<link href="../../runtime/styles/xp/aw.css" rel="stylesheet"></link>
#myCombo {width: 300px; height: 22px}
#myCombo-popup {width: 300px; height: 200px}

var obj = new AW.UI.Combo;
November 13,

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