Filtering by column - what's the best approach?


I'm wanting to have a row at the top of the grid (below headers) that contains a drop down select (or perhaps a text box for autocomplete search?) that enables the user to choose a value to filter (or search) on each column.

Although I haven't built any real grids with version 1, it seems from looking at the forum that there were a number of approaches e.g. building a grid template for inserting an extra row and populating with text boxes (Alex's example in http://www.activewidgets.com/javascript.forum.3327.7/how-does-templates-work.html)

Seems now in version 2 beta, the ability to have extra header row in incorporated, so would the best approach be something like:
a. use new additional header row, then...
b. populate this with the new combo object, or text box if a search is required
c. not sure where templates come into all this...?

Any guidance on best strategy very welcome.
Thanks a lot.
October 4,
Looking for the same!
October 7,

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