Widget 2.0 - Free Version?

Will exist a free version of widgets 2.0?
September 22,
No, I am not planning to release version 2.0 under any free license. My experience with dual licensing so far was rather negative. Basically that was trying 'to sit between two chairs' - not good from either side. I hope this time it will be more clear and simple.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
September 23,

I think Active Widgets is just in the threshold of its growth. By release it with features like editing would be the ultimate necessity of many open source applications. I myself is planning to integrate it with a very popular open source CMS and release it to the community. This type of activities will give Active Widgets a big boost in terms of popularity, growth, and sponsorship.

Thank you very much for the GPL version of Active Widgets. Open source has always given applications ways to grow in many unimaginable ways.

Looking forward to your participation.
Vikram { Coding with a purpose - Share }
December 16,
I am agree with Vikram
June 24,

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