How to change content of a specific column


I searched the forum for this but was not successful in finding an answer. I want to change the content of a specific column before displaying to the user.
For example, column 7 has numbers but if the number is below 0, I want to change it to display 0 and not -1 or -10 etc..

here is sample code but this doesn't work....any ideas?

obj.getColumnTemplate(7).getContent("value", changeNum);

function change()
var value = this.getItemProperty("value");
if (value < 0)
return 0;
return value;
September 3,
opps..this is what I had

obj.getColumnTemplate(7).setContent("value", changeNum);

..but this doesn't work either
September 3,

My guess is that the function does not know what this.getItemProperty is. Try passing this.getItemProperty as a parameter.
September 5,
looks like you are calling changeNum, but your function name is change
October 11,

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