default filter.

Hi ,
I was wondering if you could have a default filter on a column set in the AW table when it opens?

here are my colum names :

var myColumns = [ "Hostname",  "Booked_By", "Project",   "Type"

What i want:
i have a page were a user enters name and password and redirects them to the table page where Project column sort by filter is already set.

Any ideas ? Is it something to do with the css rules?

August 24,
does any1 know how to do this. it seems like a simple thing.

let me it explain it a bit more clearly..

You kno when you click on a column header the grid sorts it self by that column in Alphabetical order etc.. well what i want is when i open the table one of the columns say hostname is already set like this. Is there any way of doin this? i cant seem to find it in the docs .. please help.. thanks.
August 29,
its alrite i found it

obj.sort(5, "ascending");
August 30,

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