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I love the Grid, its just fantastic :-) I'm having a small problem though. When I insert a grid into an existing page, nothing shows up. In Firefox I can see one row being rendered and then the page blanks. Internet Explorer shows nothing.

I've tried the things suggested elsewhere (removing the DTD, changing the DTD to Transitional and refreshing the grid from onload) but they don't seem to work.

There's a test page at http://sfc.redbrick.dcu.ie/?action=automated&page=test if anyone wants to look and see if I'm doing something wrong.

Mark Boyle
August 23,
You just need to add a line like:
.active-controls-grid {height: 400px;width:500px; font: menu;}

And also XHTML - DOCTYPE is not supported.
August 23,
Absolutely fantastic, thank you Mr. Annonymous :-)
Mark Boyle
August 23,
how do I make the height dynamic? I am working with the grid as the result of a recordset, and sometimes I return no rows, or one row, or 100 rows. It appears that if I don't set an explicit height, the grid doesn't render correctly, but I don't want the column scrollbar to appear way down the page when I only have one row of data to render.
Any ideas how to make the height dynamic???
September 21,
Set the height of the grid to something like ((25 * rowcount) + 50). I have done something like this before and it works well.
Jim Hunter
September 21,

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