page down effect!

Right, I am a total rookie so apologies for my slowness in catching on...;)

I am trying to create a script (because I do not want scrollbars) that with clicking a button (page down idea) will put the first line of my text that is invisible because the frame is too small to the top of my frame.

Can anyone follow this?

Any help would be appreciated...

April 7,
Could you be more clearly ?
April 7,
right I'll try...

I have a frame... that isn't always the same size... I rather not us scrollbars so sometimes not all the text is visible... so I tought I could do with a button that put the first sentence that is not visible at the top of the frame so you could continue reading... almost like turning a page in a book...

hope this helps!

April 7,
If i well understand, you want to put the information of the first row outside of the grid but in the frame when you click on a button ?
April 7,
not quite:

this is what you see of the frame
------- (frame edge)
this is my webpage
I would like to thank
all kinds of people
but especially and foremost
------- (end of frame)
my parents for always
standing by us

(the my parents bit is then not visible)

when you then press a button
the line that starts with "my parents..." will then be at the top of the frame...

I hope this is more clear....

thank you anyway for you patience!

April 7,
oh right ok ;)
I understand the topic now :)
Well a page down effect on active grid... i will think of this, cause for now i don't know how we can do that !
April 7,
pfew great (I can still make some sense ;) )!

thanks for thinking about it! much appreciated!
April 7,
anyone any thoughts on this yet?
April 11,
Just a quick thought, I am doing something similar on a large recordset where I don't want vertical scrolling. Unfortunately it's on a secure intranet so I can't show you. But I took a different approach, I have a small navbar on the side with controls like a CD player tracks. (beginning / back one page / forward one page / last Page)

I have a stored procedure that returned records in batches of 25-100 depending on user preference. When one of the navbar items is selected, I call the stored procedure passing it a start record and end record parameter then reload the ActiveWidget Table with the new recordset.

Speed is not an issue, as the recordset is parsed into small sections (<100), so it loads pretty quick.

You could do this with an XML template, umm.. probably text whatever, I just happen to use Stored Procedures.

Good Luck,

John Reeher, www.agmodels.com
April 14,

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