Changing style of header - at run time, not via css

Hi, I've found a minor bug, in that if you have a custom sort function & have columns in your grid you don't want to sort on (i.e. they're calculated fields), if you pop up an alert saying "you cannot sort on this field", the column header style doesn't revert back to the unclicked state - i.e. it looks as if the mouse is held down over it, when in fact it isn't.

I'm guessing its because its not seeing the Mouse Up event because the alert box appears.

Pretty simple fix is to manually set the style of the column header back to the 'mouse up' state. Any ideas how to do this? I know what I need to do, but I can't figure out how to do it!


Steve Childs
August 21,
Did you try?
obj.getTemplate("top/item", i).refresh();
for all columns
August 21,
Thanks, the latter didn't work, bit the first one did! :D
Steve Childs
August 21,

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