How to capture changes in editable cells? (v2)

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Using v2 I have created a grid with a second grid below which is just one row. When the user double clicks a row in the main grid, the row selected appears in the second grid ready for editing. So far so good. Question is how do you capture the edited row contents?

In the quickref grid.htm example provided, I see that all the cells are editable (one column set with a combo), but how do you go about capturing new data/text keyed in by the user into these cells? In the example, you can change the contents of a cell, but when you move to a different cell the original cell contents return. How do you retain the new cell contents?

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October 12,
I've just figured this out - hit the enter key!
October 12,
One thing I have noticed is in Firefox, you don't need to press enter. I built a sample form page for testing in both IE and FF. On IE, unless I press enter after editing every form input I cannot get the value.

Simple answer is everyone must use FF :-)

The other question I had is how to get data values from the CheckedList UI. The quick ref only showed how to change item(1) and it's properties didn't change whether it was selected or not select. Is there a way to check it it's true/flase?

In any case I'm am totally impressed with the work that Alex has done.
October 13,
There is a bug in the input UI widget, I have reported it in another thread. You should not have to hit enter to 'set' the data. You can't expect users to do this, they will forget thus causing data integrety issues.
Jim Hunter
October 14,
Hey Guys, where can I get V2?
November 23,
look on the site home page & use the link:

"Active Widgets 2.0 beta2 released!"

November 23,

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