Dyanamic data processing.

My application requirement is to get the data from the backend and process and display. Instead of having the data hardcoded into java script array.Can you help me out in this regard.

July 16,
All you need to do is to produce the data array and columns array dynamically (using some PHP/JSP technology) and for display part you can use the script from one of the examples.

July 18,
Hi Suds, do you have any example in JSP to produce the data array and then get it back in javascript?
Marc Font
July 19,
Hi all!

I'm using a string array to fill the data in a Java class:

String[][] data;

I put it in the session:

session.setAttribute("data", data);

And then, in the jsp I get back the data

<%String[][] data1=(String[][])session.getAttribute("data");%>

and assign it to a javascript variable:

var data2 = <%=data1%>;

Performing like this it doesn't work. Does anyone have any idea???
Marc Font
July 19,
A live demo using ( JSP / XML / ActiveWidgets ) is currently (19 july 2005) running at http://www.alcor.com/AWProject.html

Sources are available.
serge vb
July 19,
Thanks a lot Serge!
Marc Font
July 19,
Trying your demo in my env...
Only getting .jps text in grid window... when projectAW.html loads within Project.html

Not sure what I did wrong..
Sorry if I missed something obvious.. I am not a great JS coder..

July 20,
hehe.. sorry.. helps if you have tomcat installed.
Using XAMPP php/mysql/appache istall which does not support tomcat at the moment.

Is there a way to do this without the jsp?

July 20,

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