Hide columns and search with a form

I think the grid is great but I was wondering if anyone had cracked a filter mechanism. Ideally I'd like users to be able to select which columns they view and hide the rest (I have 26 columns!!!).

It would also be great is there was a key word search that could be aimed at a specific column.

I saw some references to a new version that will contain a bunch of generic templates. Will this be likely to have cunning little features like this too? My scripting isn't all that good yet but I'm learning lots from all the examples etc.
June 13,

God damned! What a coincidence! I was breaking my head around here just to do that! Someone help Miss Annabel please! :-)

June 13,
Have a look at:

and also the demo at:

This good work by Austin Mayberry goes part way to solving your problem.
Roy Cosway
June 13,
Thank you!
I've set up the optomizer ok and it works great when I place the calling script in the grid page. Unfortunately I have my grid inside a scrolling Div on an htm page and when I try to embed the calling script on this page it gives me a 'obj not defined' error. I can't see why and it's probably something really obvious for superior coders like yourselves. Have I done something stupid?

htm page code:
<p class="txtBodyText"><iframe src="grid/basic.htm" frameborder="0" width="500"></iframe></p>
<p class="txtBodyText">
<script>function gridCustomizer(obj) {
var gc = window.open(
if(gc.attachEvent) gc.attachEvent('onload',function(){gc.setGrid(obj);});
else if(gc.addEventListener) gc.addEventListener('load',function(){gc.setGrid(obj);},false);
<input type="button" onclick="gridCustomizer(obj)" value="Customize Grid">
June 15,

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