how to change text color / multiple colors per cell

Hi guys,

i found some stuff about cell colors, but i didnt find how to allow multiple Colors in one cell... my problem:
I have a string which is a AminoAcid Sequence like this:


shown in a cell, i would like to color the Letters individually, how can i do that?

thanks for the help!

June 13,
Could you use:

<font color='red'>B</font><font color='green'>E</font><font color='blue'>A</font>

You would need to preserve sort capability using something like:

// arrange them into array according to column types
var toValue=[string,string,number,number,number,string];
// set data value to converted text
obj.setDataProperty("value",function(i,j){return toValue[j](myData[i][j])});

function string(text)
{return text.replace(/<.+?>/g,"")}

function number(text)
{return text.replace(/,/g,"").replace(/<.+?>/g,"")*1}
Roy Cosway
June 13,
thanks very much, i will try this one...
June 13,
i want to change the color for scroll bars for combo boxes , could you
please help me how to change the color
August 5,

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