Disable row highlight on a particular column

Dear all,

I want to use the grid component as a property page where I will display data in two columns. The first column will display property name and the second column will display data for the property.

In order to do this, I need the following behavior:

1. the property name columns is read-only
2. the property value column is editable (probably using some templates)
3. row navigation (keyboard and mouse) should highlight only second column.
4. as the focus moves from row to row (using keyboard up/down/pgup/pgdn/begin/end) or with, the edit mode should be enabled in second column.
5. Somehow, I should be able to identify readonly and read/write properties and the cell should be editable/readonly accordingly.

These are the basic ideas for my requirements. I am sure everyone know how property window looks like and work.

Any help is highly apperciated.

Thanks and regards,
June 2,

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