I have it all ready!!!

Greetings there.

I would like to tell you all that I already have all the necessary widgets ready, based on the QT widgets. unfortunately the code is copyrighted by the company I work on. It´s all JS based. Data can be accessed by any language you choose.

Here is a list of the current working widgets we have
- Listview (my proud) - is a grid and treeview in one.
- ListviewItem - is a row in the ListView. These makes it possible to make a treeview, since a ListView can have as children others ListviewItems. Each listviewitem have cells and those cells can have any kind of objects (checkbox, listbox, etc)
- Menu - right click menu for everything
- MenuItem - can be a text item with an icon and action or any other object.
- Listbox and Combobox - They do have icons inside, not like HTML widgets, and may also have its own menus.

Anyway, there are a lot more. The are full compatible with IE and Netscape/Mozilla. In the very beginning they were compatible with others too, but since they got too much advanced, they stopped working :-(

Well, in the future I intend to make a more advanced version and release it for free, but support must be payed ;-)

Can tell you much more. I just would like to suggest you all to use an already made widget library as base, since it will help you a lot to avoid mistakes on the design. I did it and it works great.

A demo of the interface I'm working on will be avaliable soon. I will let you know.

February 17,
i just saw these wonderful wiget today.
it would be gread if you would release more working sample.
i am now redesigning my own website.
so i am eager to see those sample to start.

thank you in advance

M. Paul
February 17,
Hey, I made a screenshot of my widgets in action. I had to blur a lot of things since this product will only be released in a month or two. You may all see it at later (I can't access this server right now, since the firewall is blocking all ssh and sftp connections here at work).

You may notice we do already have all the widgets made by ourselves. But they are a bit too slow sometimes, specially the scroll on the listview. I had to made my own scrollbar, since I couldn't find any info on how to manipulate the browser's scrollbars as you did. How did you do it?

February 17,
Ok, it´s there already. I promise I will release something soon. I saw the code you guys have and it seemed to me well organized, althought pretty confusing (took hours to understand your organization).

Well, cya soon. ;-)
February 18,

Could you define 'soon' please? It's november, and I don't see any updates for your widgets....
November 11,
Ohhh It's november again... Thanks for great works!

Oliver Nueva Ecija
December 3,

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