JavaScript Array and Dynamic data

Hi guys,


I have seen many unanswered questions regarding dynamic data with JS Array; I still dare to ask the question.

My simple requirement is to assign different data source to grid dynamically like:

grid.datasource = myData1;
grid.reload(); or grid.refresh();

grid.datasource = myData2;
grid.reload(); or grid.refresh();

and this must be done without compromizing any grid functions

There is a great example of doing that "Table DataModel for JS Array" from Sudhaker Raj. However, it looks like some of the grid functionality will be compromized. For example, I dont know how to have alternate grid rows (back color) and onmousemove hover found in the Alex example.

I have tried the CSS from Alex example, but of no help

I would appreciate if anyone could send the complete example for the above request.

thanks Alex for the excellent component and thanks everybody sharing their experience.
May 24,
Here's a link to the example from Sudhaker Raj mentioned in the post above: http://www.activewidgets.com/javascript.forum.2220.8/table-datamodel-for-js-array.html
Psilo [at] Cyberspacement [dot] com
May 24,
June 14,
I answered this question when you posted it in another thread a few weeks ago. You had mentioned that it solved your problem. What went wrong? Here is the original thread http://www.activewidgets.com/javascript.forum.5173.5/assigning-datasource-dynamically.html .
Jim Hunter
June 14,

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