Multiple top-header rows possible?

I'd like to know if it's possible to have two or more top header rows that can be fixed at the top of the table. Thanks!
Mark Thomas
January 17,
No, in the current version it will be difficult.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 19,
OK, my next question is, what would it take to provide this kind of functionality? In other words, what source file(s) would have to be modified, etc. I could sacrifice sorting if that would make it simpler.

My goal is to be able to render tables like this:
particularly longer ones.

My initial impression is that ActiveWidgets Grid may save me a lot of effort, as otherwise I'd plan on doing it from scratch!
Mark Thomas
January 20,
Has anyone found a solution to this? I also would like to create tables with complicated headers that may span several columns such as the linked example above.

May 6,
I was trying to find a solution but no luck. The grid does not use <table> tag, only <div> and CSS - so this particular thing is really difficult to implement.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 6,
created an address book, by adding this to the end of the script it allowed the alpha letters to display at top of the grid, also allows to link with in the grid, if u creat anchors. maybe you could modify this differently to display a header across the top of the grid.

// Write heading navigation code to a variable:
var objHeading="<div align='center'><table class='tbl_content_80_no_border'><tr><td align='center'>";

var objHeading=objHeading+"<a href='#bookmark_a'>A</a>";
var objHeading=objHeading+"<a href='#bookmark_b'>&nbsp;B</a>";
var objHeading=objHeading+"<a href='#bookmark_y'>&nbsp;Y</a>";
var objHeading=objHeading+"<a href='#bookmark_z'>&nbsp;Z</a>";

var objHeading=objHeading+"</td></tr></table></div>";

// Write the navigation block to the page:
// document.write(objHeading);

// Combine the nav heading and the grid:
var objComplete=objHeading+obj;

// write grid html to the page
June 30,

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