refresh the grib using xml data without page refresh and highlight updated cells or text

Hi all
First of all. Great work guys. I really impressed.

I use it in one of my personal project. I am having a little issue. if any one can help will be highly appreciated.

I am displaying a grid that get the data from an XML file. The xl file updated after every minute by the new data using php and mysql.
Now I am able to display the XML file using teh default example included with package.
Now I need to refresh the data inside the grid after every 1 or 2 minutes and want to change the color of the cell or text that been updated. But remember I dont need to refresh the page itself.

I read about more about the refresh object but in vain. I am new to javascrip please help. If anyone can provide the example code or snipt.

This place has a great number of developes and hopefully anyone can help me in it, I shall be very very thankful.

April 28,
Anyone please. I really need this
April 29,
Hello Aamir,

You can reload XML file if you call table.request() method. When data is arrived it will automatically trigger grid.refresh() method and grid will be repainted with a new content. You can also use refresh() method on individual rows or even cells if you know which of them have changed and want to repaint just those.

You should also check that your XML file is not cached by the browser:


Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 2,
how to identify a nodelist on the image and display its data in the data
in table using xml in asp.net
November 11,

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