Using response method for loading data into "Active.Text.Table"

Good day,
A quick - but hopefully not senseless :-) - query.

For background info :
I'm trying to load data (plain text with columns comma seperated and rows line broken) into a text table object solely via the response method (inherited from Active.Http.Request), but I have been so far unsuccessful. Reasoning for trying to bypass the table.request() method is so I can handle the response data (teched via my own XMLHTTP-REQUEST) is to first extract some extra paging info I included in my asp page I am loading and then returning only the grid bound data to the table object and eventually to the grid.

The symptom experienced is that the grid shows its "Loading data" screen indefinately.
Could anyone please advise on whether what I'm attempting is even possible, or am I simply doing something horribly wrong? :-) (see code below for more detail) Thanks. StefK

var table = new Active.Text.Table;
var tableData = customTableRequest(myurl);

//Example function to extract extra data
function customTableRequest(url,data) {
var myGridData = ""
//function run on completion (readyState=4) of xmlHttprequest
var completedCustomRequest = function (oXML) {
var splitdata = (oXML.responsetext).split("|splitDelimiter|");
if (splitdata.length == 2){
myGridData = splitdata[1];
oXML = null;
return myGridData;
April 11,

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