How many data can it handle


I've tried to let it work with 20 columns and 1000 rows, very very slow.
I know it's somehow a unreasonable request for javascript, but that's my customer's request, is there a way of doing that with your component?

Thanks in advance
March 29,
Yup Paging

March 29,
Is there any other way?

Or at least looks like no paging.
March 29,
We faced a similar issue. Our approach was:

Surely you don't really want to view or sort 1000 rows at one time!

So what we've done is to give you fancy filtering and searching options, so you can produce a list of results much closer to what you probably want to view or sort.

Even better, for those occasional times when your searches do generate thousands of necessary results (e.g. for reporting purposes), we'll display a message in the widget saying, basically, "too many results", but we'll still allow you to generate reports based on the full results.

Not sure if this is relevant to your scenario, but it worked for us.
March 29,
Thanks so much.

Actually the current solution in my system is just like that. We use some self-made grid for displaying, and when there's more than 200 rows, we alert a message and stop the user for sorting.

The problem is, currently it takes about 1~3 secs for retreiving the data and 5~8 secs for the browser to show them. When I tried the same data with CSV mode of AW, it takes triple time. Haven't tried JS loading mode yet, but I just doubt it will be faster. And when the data is loaded, scrolling is much slower than our self-made grid (I know AW does much more than the self-made one at the same time), which won't be acceptable for a several-hundred-dollars upgrade.
March 30,
1900 rows e 7 columns...
Tested in desktop XP2400, Linux Terminal Server and another computer off 800Mhz...
Result: No Problem!!!
Christian Barreto
March 30,

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