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Hi my friends,
I have a form that opens up a new window when the submit button is clicked.
Form results are then passed to the new window throuh URL.

My problem is that I am working with double-byte characters (Japanese).
When I enter single-byte (English) input into the form, the script works
normally.However, when I enter double-byte (Japanese) characters, and
access the the URL value passed to the new form( using
<%=request.getParameter("myFieldvalue")%> ),the double byte charactors appear to be junk.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated

Tokyo, Japan.
March 23,
January 15,
a JavaScript encoding issue? <a href="http://blog.openboxsoftware.com/2006/04/javascript-escape-vs-encodeuricomponent/">javascript escape vs encodeURIComponent</a> may help...

"I came across a situation where I had to pass this nasty character “Ö” in a querystring... This querystring variable was encoded using the javascript escape method."

"The moral of the story is that we should be using encodeURIComponent when encoding at a querystring variable level or encodeURI when attempting to encode an entire URL string (they both use UTF8 encoding)."
June 13,

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