ActiveWidgets and non-Windows OS

I see that ActiveWidgets used ActiveX (ex : Active.HTTP.Request).

Is ActiveWidgets only Windows-oriented framework?
Or ActiveWidgets is cross-platform, but some parts availible only on Windows?

Thanks for answers.
Michael Pustovalov, TM Systems Dept., STC PROTEI (www.protei.ru)
January 26,
100% of the ActiveWidgets functionality is available both on Windows (IE, Mozilla) and Linux (Mozilla). It might also work with Mozilla on other platforms but i386 Linux is the only one tested. IE is supported with version 5.5 and above, and Mozilla starting with version 1.4 (which also means Netscape 7.1 and Firebird 0.6).

Opera, Safari, Konqueror are not supported.

The ActiveWidgets code is optimized for IE. This means using proprietary features of IE directly (without 'cross-browser' wrapping layer). Instead, this proprietary IE functionality (such as ActiveXObject etc.) is emulated on Mozilla, in most cases with only minor performance drop.

So, short answer is - ActiveWidgets is cross-browser and cross-platform framework, optimized for IE.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 26,
I have tried it on Mac OS X, Mozilla and Netscape ( 1.4 moz based ). It works there. IE5.5 on MAC no workey.
January 26,
Thanks Brian!

That's excellent news - I was hoping it is like that but never had a chance to test. IE on Mac likely does not have any XML support, so - no luck here.

Guys, anyone tried grid on Solaris/AIX?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 26,
I'm having trouble with firebird, but it could be my tweaks to the grid. Is Firebird known to work for sure? It rocks on IE for me though. Havent tried any others yet.
January 26,
Yes, Firebird should work (tested 0.6 and 0.7). The current IE emulation only covers the features I use myself, so you still need to pay attention that your own code is cross-browser.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 26,
>>>>Guys, anyone tried grid on Solaris/AIX?
Has anyone tried the grid on these platforms?
February 28,
Would it be possible to step-down and display an 'ugly version' of the grid, just using basic tables, on non-supported browsers, to ensure total accessibility?
Simon Garner
March 7,

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