Forking ActiveWidgets Grid 1.0.2 GPL

Hi All,

I am planning to create a new project derived from ActiveWidgets Grid 1.0.2 GPL. Alex has failed to show enough interest in promoting open-source version and this will be a separate (and possibly non-competing) effort to keep this wonderful grid live for open-source community. There will not be any commercial version of this project.

I created a group for initial communication and planning. It should be strictly for developers, tester, technical writers and those who are willing to put efforts with open-source spirit. For general support we shall setup support forums very shortly.


Last but not the least, if you can afford or need latest features; please consider buying latest version of this wonderful widgets kit http://www.activewidgets.com/licenses/. It will recover its cost if it can save few man-days of development efforts. Alex has done real great job and he deserve better returns from version 2.0.

I strongly believe that we do not have any right to flame Alex's decision of discontinuing open-source version. If you really want to keep it free under GPL - consider supporting this fork.

I volunteer as core-developer and project manager. Please specify your desired role when contacting me.

Sudhaker Raj
February 16,
Thank you, Sudhaker.

While I have some mixed feelings (like when your kid is grown up and leaves home :-) I believe it is much better solution than just keep open source developers in frustration.

In parallel to this effort I am going to continue maintenance of the commercial 1.0.x version (against browser changes, without adding new functionality) and could contribute the changes to the open source version as long as it makes sense.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 16,
Alex, It will be our honor to have you in group. We should be able to benefit greatly even with your occasional support.

Thanks for joining.

Sudhaker Raj
February 16,
Could you start up a project on sourceforge.net instead?

It has a much better open-source community than Yahoo.

Alex, you response to this fork is very honorable. I am glad to see you staying positive throughout all the negative energy from those who feel ill will.

Frank (Canada)
February 16,
If some code was previously released under the GPL, you cannot change the license:


So, if your "commercial" version is using code that originally was under the GPL, then all of the "commercial" code must now be released under the GPL.
February 17,
oops, my bad, never mind ... should have read a little more on this before i posted. good luck with your non-free version.
February 17,
Yes I do think a sourceforge.net project would be better. You get 200mg of webspace I belive in the project workspace
February 20,

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