Dynamic link for a cell .. Data is being pulled from database (Urgent plz)


I am retreving the data from the database into an array dynamically and then writing the array to the grid.

Based on the value from the database some cells in the column need to be a clickable links and others do not.

var myData = [
<webm:loop variable="/queryoutput/results">

"<a target=\"top\" href=\"xx_sold.jsp?Id=<webm:value variable="Id" /> \"> <webm:value variable="Id" /> </a>",

"<webm:value variable="Name" />", "APP",
"<webm:value variable="Sold" />",

"<a target=\"top\" href=\"xx_sold_correct.jsp?Id=<webm:value variable="Id" /> \"> <webm:value variable="Status" />
["","","","" ]

Can someone please provide with some idea.


March 21,

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