'data from another rows/columns' can't find data

I have tried the example Alex recently gave on http://www.activewidgets.com/javascript.forum.3294.2/data-from-another-rows-columns.html and it works. I would like however to move the code that shows the value to an external js file. The first step I took is to put in a seperate function

var gridUsers_columns = [ 
  "First Name","Last Name","Department","Country" 
var gridUsers_data = [ 
try { 
  var gridUsers = new Active.Controls.Grid; 
  gridUsers.setColumnText(function(i){return gridUsers_columns[i];}); 
  gridUsers.setDataText(function(i,j){return gridUsers_data[i][j];}); 
  function setForm(src) { 
    var rowIndex = src.getRowProperty("text"); 
    var tekst = this.getDataProperty("text", rowIndex, 1); 
  gridUsers.setAction("click", setForm); 
catch(error) { 
  //show error in another frame 
  parent.bottombar.write("Grid error: "; error.description); 

This also works fine. When I move this setForm function to a js file however things stop working. I get this error
line 71: 'gridUsers_data[...]' is null or not an object

I have tried to change the way I attach the function to the grid object by replacing
gridUsers.setAction("click", setForm);

in the above code by
var row = new Active.Templates.Row; 
  row.setEvent('onclick', function(){this.action("setFormAction")}); 
  gridUsers.setTemplate("row", row); 
  gridUsers.setAction("setFormAction", setForm);

because I saw some people using this technique (although I don't understand what the difference is between both). I keep getting the same error however.
The grid tool works way to good to be the cause so I must be doing something wrong. Can you tell me what ??
Thanks in advance.
March 15,
I guess this is a typing mistake. It should be:

var rowIndex = src.getRowProperty("index");

instead of

var rowIndex = src.getRowProperty("text");
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 16,
Hi Alex,
Indeed one of those stupid typo's. Thanks very much for helping me out.
March 17,

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