Using with ASP.NET as a multi-column dropdown

I am using ASP.NET. I have been very disappointed with the ASP.NET web grid products. To achieve their client-side effects they are using Javascript anyway, so I decided to look for a "pure" Javascript grid and then if I found one I could maybe just hook it up myself. I like what I am intrigued by AW. Guess I'll have to wait for editing. In the meantime, if I could make it function as a multi-column dropdown for a cell in the regular ASP.NET grid (and just by itself), that would be useful.

What I would like to do is

1) Put an image into a cell in every row in my ASP.NET grid.

2) Have a C# function I can call with some parameters that would in turn attach a bit of Javascript to that image so when the user clicks, the AW grid appears so he can select a row.

I know the AW grid needs its data in a Javascript array, I think I can handle that, and I believe there are already examples of code for generating the array from server-side data. But I've searched the forum and reference and I don't see anything about controlling placement and visiblity of the grid. Of course once the user selects something, I will need to grab that value and put it into my cell (or textbox maybe, if I'm working outside a grid). Etc.

Any ideas or help?

March 12,
Maybe this can help:

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 15,

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