Puzzling Issue -- HELP! HELP!

Hello fellow Grid experts :)

I am using the grid control which displays images in the first few columns. All works well :) The odd thing is when i run against the server the images appear for me, BUT when my collegues run it, they see the grid, but no images.

I have the correct info setup in the grid.cc file which references the image files like:


and the images reside in the /styles directory

So, my question is why does it ONLY work for me, and not for my colleagues when they run against the server.

Someone PLEASE shed some light here.

March 1,
It's probably loaded in your cache already. I've had the same problem with using styles to show my images. You have to physically refresh the page several times until it dissapears... then it's a b1tch just getting them to not display ;)
March 2,

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