My.Templtes.Input - Need HELP !!!

Fantastic stuff :-) Impressed...

Here is my problem...

When using My.Templtes.Input object

1. Shift Left-Arrow-Key or Shift Right-Arror-Key is not working. The default behavior of selecting the text is missing :-( Any way to bring it back?

2. When I'm in editing mode, I wish row navigation to be disabled. How Can we do that? When I hit Up-Arrow or Down-Arrow, selected row moves leaving editing cell as it was.

Sudhaker Raj
June 22,

Adding the following code turns my My.Templtes.Input normal.

//  create ActiveWidgets Grid javascript object
  var obj = new Active.Controls.Grid;

  obj.setEvent("onselectstart", null); // issue 1
  obj.setEvent("onkeydown", null); // isuue 2

Just wondering, what for this onselectstart was used?
Sudhaker Raj
June 23,
The text selection is disabled to prevent strange effects when you resize columns or sort. Maybe I should disable it only on headers :-)
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 26,

>> Maybe I should disable it only on headers :-)

How to do that?

Sudhaker Raj
June 28,
July 6,
//  make input box selectable
  obj.getTemplate("top").setEvent("onselectstart", obj.getEvent("onselectstart"));
  obj.setEvent("onselectstart", null);

Hopefully, I'm right...
Sudhaker Raj
July 7,

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