Problems with the refresh method in Firefox.

I created an Input tag , then , the value was displayed in the browser .

I want to change the value that was displayed . I tried to use the refresh method, it worked very well in the IE, but in the Firefox 1.0 it didn't work.

    <SCRIPT type="Text/javascript" src="grid.js" ></SCRIPT>


        var obj = new Active.HTML.INPUT;
        obj.setAttribute("type", "text");
        obj.setAttribute("value", "static text");
        obj.setAttribute("title", "tooltip");
        obj.setAttribute("value", "modified text");

I´ve already tried a lot of things, but it didn't work .
Does anybody know any possible solution ?

Rodrigo Perenha
February 22,
Normally it should work, but in your exact code it will not because you are trying to run refresh immediately after writing object to the page. In FireFox the object will appear in the DOM tree after some delay, so the refresh function will not find it if called immediately after document.write(obj); IE works differently so the same code should work ok in IE.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 22,

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