Make corner cell behave like column heading

Morning All,

I have modified the 'corner' cell so that I can sort on the row heading data. I would like to modify the style of the cell so that it behaves like the normal column headings, i.e. when you click on it the border changes to make it look like a push button.

Do I change the template settings in my OnClick handler, or is there some better way?

I can't work out how to do this - can anyone help a novice??

Al Henderson
February 18,
To answer my own question:

var corner = objGrid.getLayoutTemplate().getContent("corner");
corner.setEvent("onmousedown", CornerCellMouseDown);

function CornerCellMouseDown()
this.getLayoutTemplate().getContent("corner").setClass("header", "pressed");

Huzzah! Don't really understand what 'this' refers to in this instance - clearly not the 'corner' template, because if I just call 'this.setClass' then I get a JS error saying object does not support the method.

Can anyone enlighten me?
Al Henderson
February 18,

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