Grid won't load in <TD>

I've tried everyone's suggestions on this forum. On one page it works brilliantly, on another, nothing.

I've isolated the problem being the grid won't load in the table. Figuring out WHY has brought me no fruit for my labour. Using the 100% -> 100px and setting the table layout to fixed has not helped me 1 bit.

This is frustrating beyond words. Please someone help?
February 10,
You should make sure that the grid.js and grid.css files are within your <head></head> tags and that after that in a seperate <script> tag your function calling the grid.

The table-layout:fixed style and the default grid size tips work when the above has also been applied.

19 hours and counting...
February 10,
Its easier to provide an answer when there is some code to go with the question. However, personally, I have given up attempting to load the grid within a table. I've never been able to get it just right. Of course, I've seen a lot of problems whenever I use tables within a larger DHTML framework anyway and have learned to avoid tables like the plague if I am doing heavy DHTML work, especially with IE. Use DIVs and your life will be a lot easier.

If you must use tables, then I might suggest two options. You apply a fixed width to the table and then set the TD that contains the grid to 100% width. Then provide a fixed height to the table as well. Finally, assign a fixed height to the grid that is slightly smaller than the height of the TD.

Another suggestion is that you embed two DIVs within the TD prior to outputing the grid. The first DIV should have absolutely no height. The inside DIV should specify a margin of 1px. I've seen this work. However, again, I just gave up and no longer use the grid within a table to begin with.
February 10,
ok, so If I don't use table, then I'm trying to use two grids positioned side by side with div's... trying to use position:inherit, but it's not working right... any advice?
Mitch M.
February 14,

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