Dropbox Filters in Column Headers

Alex, wonderful work -- and all the others who have obviously been very active in this community.

I am using the 1.0 version of the grid, trying to extend the ability of changing the column header height. What I need is a dropbox the user can select from in the header to filter with.

Getting the header extended was simple, and adding the html was also very easy, but allowing the user to select something from the dropbox is proving much more difficult.

No matter what the click event bubbles up to the underlying layer and begins the "sort" function (which is also a wonderful feature). I have put the dropbox in its own span and attempted to cancel the bubbleup to no avail.

Can someone help?

The final solution I've come to is adding these dropboxes to the first row instead of the headers -- which is not optimal since the first row is not frozen. But I'm also having a bit of difficulty assigning a color to that row only.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
December 4,
Hi there I like your example could you post the code ?
Big AL from Sydney
September 13,

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