Scrolling doesn't work in Firefox 72.0.1

Starting with Firefox version 72.0.1 (maybe even 72.0.0, there was only a day between those), scrolling an AW Grid using the mouse scroll wheel doesn't work any more. It used to work fine before; it still works fine in Chrome; it seems to work anywhere else that I try to scroll using the wheel (for example, it still works in this forum). We just can't scroll our AW grids any more in Firefox. And since they're a pretty big part of out program, that's a bit of a problem.
Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround? I'd be happy with a *simple* setting we can ask our users to change, and even happier with something I could do in the code.

This is AW Grid v. 2.6.0, by the way. Called from JS, constructed using PHP. And as said, Firefox 72.0.1, not in other browsers.
Richard Bos
January 13,
I confirm the problem exists - looking for a solution...
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 16,
Extra information: I've just discovered that while you can't scroll with the mouse wheel when pointing at the grid, you *can* do so while pointing at the scroll bar...
Richard Bos
January 21,
We're on version 2.6.1 and faced the same issue with the scrollbar. I replaced the patch from here /datagrid.27695/firefox-42-update-vertical-scroll.html#6 :
if ('mozPaintCount' in window && !AW.gecko) {

    AW.gecko = true;
    AW.ff = true;

    document.documentElement.className += ' aw-gecko aw-ff ';

replaced with:
if(navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf('firefox') > -1){
    AW.gecko = true;
    AW.ff = true;
    document.documentElement.className += ' aw-gecko aw-ff ';

It was a few sleeps ago now but I think it was because mozPaintCount was removed in FF 72. There may be better ways to identify FF and I'm not sure of the full effect of AW.gecko or AW.ff, but this has been a painless fix for us.
I think besides the above we were on a clean install of 2.6.1 but there may be other patches in that I'm not aware of as the majority of our system is not my code.
Hope this might help anyway
January 27,
It does help, Jack, and it does work. I found that bit of code - for later reference, it is at the very end of aw.js, in the clear following a lot of minified code, so replacing it is easy - and changed that one line. I can now scroll again.

Thank you very much!
Richard Bos
January 28,
Thanks Jack for the update!
We really appreciate it!
Dan B
January 29,

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