Firefox 42 Update Vertical Scroll Bar Issue

Firefox version 42.0 update stops the mouse roller working for the vertical scroll bar when inside a grid.

Pleas can you provide a fix ASAP

Jez (True Track Software)
November 5,
Yes, I can reproduce this. It is a bug, looking for a fix right now.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 6,
Further to this problem, Combo Boxes are no longer working correctly. When you click away from the box, when it's in the drop down state, the drop down should disappear because you haven't selected anything.
It stays in the drop down state.

Please can it work like it used to.


Jez (True Track Software)
November 8,
Here is a patch which fixes Firefox mouse wheel issue -


    var scrollbars = new AW.Scroll.Bars(),
        obj = AW.Scroll.Bars.prototype;

    if (!obj._onmousewheelEvent ||
        'onmousewheel' in document.documentElement){

    obj.setEvent('onwheel', function(event){

        var top = this.getScrollProperty("top"),
            delta = event.deltaY,
            mode = event.deltaMode;

        if (mode = 1){ // lines
            delta *= 20;

        top += delta;

        var e = this.element();

        if (e){
            var max = this.getScrollProperty("height") - e.offsetHeight;
            var bars = this.getScrollProperty("bars");
            max += (bars == "horizontal" || bars == "both") ? 16 : 0;
            top = top > max ? max : top;

        top = top < 0 ? 0 : top;
        this.setScrollProperty("top", top);

        AW.setReturnValue(event, false);

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 9,
Looking at popup issue as well.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 9,
Actually, the patch above is not necessary. The real issue is that Firefox was no longer identified correctly by AW. Here is the fix (run before creating AW objects) -

if ('mozPaintCount' in window && !AW.gecko) {

    AW.gecko = true;
    AW.ff = true;

    document.documentElement.className += ' aw-gecko aw-ff ';

This fixes both mouse wheel and combo drop down issues.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 9,
Just noticed the mouse wheel problem in FF 45 and the fix works great. Thanks Alex.
March 22,

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