TextBox as a cell template: Virtual scroll clears values of disappeared textboxes

Hi guys!

I am using the TextBox as a cell template in a grid with following scenario:

var qttyTextBox = new AW.UI.Input;	                        
qttyTextBox.setStyle("background", "#CCFFCC");
qttyTextBox.setStyle("border", "1px solid #CC99CC");
qttyTextBox.setControlSize(40, 19);
qttyTextBox.setControlTooltip("Ներմուծեք պատվիրվող ապրանքի քանակը");
qttyTextBox.onControlTextChanged = function(text)
grid.setCellTemplate(qttyTextBox, 0);
qttyTextBox.setAttribute("aw", "control");

My problem is the state of textbox values when leading/trailing textboxes are being disappeared due to vertical scroll. Is there a way to recover/remember values of textboxes or we need to create a new pointable textbox instance for each row?

Thanks in advance!
Aram Paronikyan
August 25,

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