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I am creating a website using visual studio 2005. In the design view of my asp.net page i have placed a grid view and then i have connected it to the database also. i have set the item style wrap property to false in my source code for every column.so in my output i get my data in a single line and the cell width adjusts according to it.but i want my cell width to be small and data to appear in a single line, meaning if i have a big data in my cell it should show only half of it and the rest is to be hidden.so when i want my full data to be read by the user, my tool tip should show the value in it instead of my cell expanding.

so my question is how do i resize my cell width for each column and how do i give a tool tip.(i am using html as my source code).so can anyone help me out?

Thanking in Advance!
February 26,
Displaying the full text as a tool tip from selectbox(combobox)

thanks for help
Sanjay Sharma
April 14,

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