Call another page with hidden value

I need to have one hidden value for each row(ID), and to call another page with this ID as parameter,
is his possible?
thanks a lot
November 26,
You can have more columns in your data than you display in the grid.

obj.setColumnProperty("count", ...);
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 28,
Let say I have rows of data with the following format "1", "Test 1", "Date", "Status" where the first value is incrementing but it's also hidden. As the user select multiple rows and submit. I just want the index as an array in the submit form. How do I do that?

Doug Pham
November 30,
Does anyone know the answer to this?...I am having the same issue.

I have a form with a table that contains the grid. I use getSelectionProperty("values") to get an array of the indexes of the selected rows. I then use the indexes to retrieve the data in the last column of the same row in the data array.

Now I want to put those values into a field so that when I submit the page, those values are available to the ASP page that will process the user-selected items.

I keep getting the following error message:
window.fieldname is null or not an object.

I have posted my code below:
function retrieveUserSelections(){
var tmp;
var userSelection = obj.getSelectionProperty("values");
for (var i=0; i<userSelection.length;i++){
tmp = obj_data[userSelection];
if (window.fieldname.value==""){
window.fieldname.value = tmp[2];
else {
window.fieldname.value = window.fieldname.value + ", " + tmp[2];

let me know how to resolve this, and thanks for the help.
Seeking Help
July 3,
Never mind...I figured it out! :-)

So now, anytime I click on the grid (a single row or multiple rows), the field on the form is populated with a comma delimited list of the corresponding ID of the records, which is stord in the last column of the data array.

See the code below....
<form name="frmMyTest" method="post" action="test.asp">
<table width="800" height="80%" style="table-layout:fixed">
<td width="75">This is just a test</td>
<td width="725">&nbsp;
<div id="grid">
<script language="javascript">
//code to retrieve records from database
//create grid (and set properties)
var message2 = function(){
var tmp;
var userSelection = this.getSelectionProperty("values");
for (var i=0; i<userSelection.length;i++){
tmp = myData[userSelection[i]];
if (frmMyTest.textfield1.value==""){
frmMyTest.textfield1.value = tmp[2];
else {
frmMyTest.textfield1.value = frmMyTest.textfield1.value + ", " + tmp[2];

// assign action handler to grid
obj.setAction("selectionChanged", message2);

//write the grid to the screen

BTW, I LOVE this control! :-)
Seeking Help
July 3,

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