Unexpected call to method or property access

I've been working with the grid fopr tha last couple of weeks and its working a dream for me. All the functionality I need is present.

I do however have one issue. I using the following statements to enable highlighting across pages. I took a look at your paging example but it didnt fit in due to the volumes of data and other reasons.
var array = myGrid.getProperty("selection/values");
This all works a treat in Mozilla and I have the ability to keep rows highlighted for an entire session.
However on IE I can get the values but when trying to set the values on returning to the page the following error is thrown.
"Unexpected call to method or property access"
I have narrowed it down to this statement but I cant track down the reason behind it. Have you come across this before???

Keep up the amazing work by the way.....
Michael Anderson
April 30,
I'm just wondering is there any update on this. I'm getting a bit concerned. It now seems to be happening by just scrolling through pages of data doing separate calls to a database every time....

help please???
May 4,
Hi Michael,

can you please post (or send me) the code of the page where you see this error. Otherwise it is quite difficult to reproduce.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 4,
Hi Alex, I get the same error, when i try to execute " obj.setProperty("selection/values", rArray);", where rArray is a js Array which holds just one value - say '11'.
Here is a small piece of code that does this...

// Associate an event for row Click
obj.setAction("selectionChanged", getRowId);
//Set previously selected row
obj.setProperty("selection/values", rArray);

I tried this too - "obj.setRowProperty("values", rArray);", which doesn't work either.
Any help will be appreciated.
June 16,
June 19,
Hi Alex,

I've been looking at this problem for a long time no and still no solution.
I'm just wondering have you been able to recreate it with the example above

Michael Anderson
June 28,
Any news about this? A project depends on solving this... please help!
Federico Halperin
October 6,
Was this ever solved? I have encountered the same bug in slightly different context - is this an IE bug?
September 23,
I had the same problem.
I've solved it in this way:

<body onLoad="window.setTimeout('init()',100)">

where init() is the function you call on the event "load" of the body.

The problem is that an "ActiveX control (or a DOM object) has not finished loading from Windows and so the object does not yet exist."
October 11,

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