Do we have to rework for IE6 to IE8 migration?

Hi Alex,
We used earlier version of AW ver 1.2 on IE6&IE7, now we updated to AW ver 2.5.5 , with some changes it is working fine on IE6&IE7.

My question is do we have to again do anychanges to make it work on IE8.

Please respond asap, as my client is waiting for a signoff..
March 4,
AW 2.5.5 works fine on IE8 - you should not need any changes related to ActiveWidgets.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 7,
Hi Alex,
NO i think.
The grid is behaving differently on IE6 and IE7/IE8.

We have some hidden cols and when we are showing them, the grid is refreshing in IE7 and IE8, which is not the case in IE6.


March 8,
2.5.5 works better on IE7, 8 & 9 than IE6. On some IE6 installs that have not been updated, cscript 5.6 is still in use. This caused me some issues mostly with large grids and performance.

Post an example, picture is worth 1000 words.....
Erik Dobrie
March 9,

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