alignment problem when hiding columns and set different widths for different columns

There is a serious alignment problem going on between the header and the vertical grid lines, when the grid has hidden columns (using setColumnIndices) and if setColumnWidth is used to set different widths for different columns.

The problem show when scrolling the horizontal scroll bar to the right.

This is different from the problem reported before, which was solved with CSS padding-right:3px. So I did my homework and searched the forum before reporting this problem.

I am using version 2.5.5

February 3,
If that does not fix it, then try using
getColumnTemplate(y).setStyle('width', Array[y] + 'px') in a for loop or by each single column.
getColumnTemplate(0).setStyle('width', '100px')
February 4,
Should be obj.getCellTemplate(0).set....
February 4,
Thanks for the reply.

getCellTemplate().setStyle did not do it. However, adding a hidden dummy column at the end seems to have fixed it.
February 7,

Use obj.setColumnWidth(Width,colIndex)

March 1,

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