Grid Header Column and Data rows column width do not match

When one try to increase or decrease the width of column by pointing to header on right hand side. The column width of header and data increases. But the alignment beween the header and data row is not hapeening. All the data rows looks to be some offset from their respective header column cell
Ravindra Joshi
November 21,
Dear Alex, Please help in this.. I had hard hitting from customer. Let me elaborate it once again:

Customer resizes the column i.e. increases the column width.
After that complete table looks distorted as the tabler header columns position is now offset from rows below it.
Actually the row width increses by some pixels in data rows for not only the that columns for all the columns and we get the distorted view
Ravindra Joshi
November 21,
which version?
please post a screenshot on dropbox or ftp
Thierry Nivelet (FoxInCloud)
November 21,
November 21,
November 21,
November 28,

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