How to connect to SQL and Access

Can you use this tool to connect to and ODBC connection?

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Gene Arnold
Gene Arnold
January 7,
The ActiveWidgets grid is a client-side GUI control. It displays data from either built-in (array) or external (XML) data model, which is also a client-side object. You need to find a way to transfer your data from the database into the client-side data model object. ActiveWidgets does not help you with that. It is client-side part only, not complete front-to-back solution. So you need to use other tools, depending what your server platform is.

One approach is to expose your data as XML web service. If you prefer Microsoft tools - Visual Studio .NET does it quite well, free WebMatrix IDE also has good support for web services, including ODBC connections. Most of non-Microsoft platforms should also have support for web services.

Otherwise you need to use your preferred server-side environment (ASP, PHP, Java Servlets, ...), retrieve data from the database and inject it into the page in the form of javascript array.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 7,

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