safari issue

the page http://proximityone.com/metroview.htm works okay in FF & IE but the table does not load in safari. thoughts on a solution?

Thank you.
July 4,
sorry ... i should have said -- the problem is when using safari on ipad. does this page look correct on other safari versions?

thank you.
July 4,
Yes, it looks ok in Safari 5 on windows. Sorry, Safari on iPad is not supported by ActiveWidgets 2.5.x.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
July 5,
Hi Alex,
Is there is any update on ActiveWidgets in IPAD safari ? If No, Is there is another alternative for rectifying this issue.
Rohit S Kumar
December 6,
ActiveWidgets, a great resource that I like very much, also does not operate correctly on Galaxy Tab; may be android in general?
December 7,

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