AW.UI.Combo up/down arrows don't work in FireFox

I noticed problems using the AW.UI.Combo in FireFox 3.6. First, when the list is large enough to require vertical scroll bars the up and down arrows do not work (you have to use the slider bar). Second, when the combo popup template is shown and you click off of the control onto some blank whitespace on the page the popup does not close. These two issues do not occur in other browsers or older versions of FireFox.
Josh Lott
March 30,
Anyone experiencing this issue?
Josh Lott
May 13,
The combo popup not disappearing is a problem in older versions of FireFox too. It happens with 2. Use a debugger like FireBug and you'll notice that the div for the popup doesn't get destroyed. If you click on the popup a new one gets created. If you can remove that one, the old one remains so it looks like it hasn't gone. Its possible to cascade this and have several old divs sitting there, unable to be removed.

A similar things happens in Google Chrome too. Try clicking on the combo twice. You'll never be able to delete the first one after that.
May 13,

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