combo text size background colour

.aw-combo-box {width: 200px; height: 18px; background: #cff; font: menu; text: 0.75em}
.aw-combo-box .aw-item-box {line-height: 1em; font: menu; background: #cff; text: 0.75em}
.aw-combo-box .aw-item-control {height: 22px; font: menu; background: #cff;}
.aw-combo-box .aw-list-control {height: 22px; font: menu; background: #cff;}

Please show me how to set font size and background colour of the text box portion of the combo.

Please show me how to set font size and background colour of the list portion of the cmbo.
February 8,
I asked the same question recently, someonw was kind enough to post the following:

obj.getContent("box/text").setStyle("font-size", "20px");
obj.getContent("box/text").setStyle("align", "top");

This did the trick for me.

Erik Dobrie
February 8,
Thanks Erik.

I am still getting the

obj.getContent("box/text").setStyle("align", "top");

showing the text with a very large whitespace overhead

I tried

obj.getContent("box/text").setStyle("border", "0px");

but to avail.
February 8,
I am having the exact same problem!!! ugh
February 13,
I am having the exact same problem!!
February 13,
this is whats happening.

| |
|--------------------------------------------------| |
| this inner area im able to color (e.g. blue) | ------ |
| | \ / |
|--------------------------------------------------| \ / |
| all of this outer area im not able to color (e.g. white) |

i cant figure out of its some padding or border problem. but i tried these styles and it doesnt seem to fix it. i want the whole background some color other than white for UI matching reasons. any ideas?
February 13,
obj.getContent("box").setStyle("border", "0px");

obj.setStyle("background", "lightblue");
obj.getContent("box").setStyle("background", "lightblue");
February 14,

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