Combo Box in Grid distorts text placement

I am displaying a combobox in a grid. When the grid paints, the text of the columns where the combo boxes are is below the grid cell. Let me explain it this way. Assume that the box for the cell is 20PX high and the text is 15px high, but the text is located 9PX from the top of the cell so that only the top 2/3 of the text is showing below a lot of white space. What css can I set to move this text back up into the middle of the box?
Paul R.
April 7,
Do you mean html <select> tag or AW.Templates.Combo class? Are combo and the text in the same cell?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 10,
Please see:


If you look at the category and manufacturer columns. The text is 'lowered' below the line.

If you also have a minute while looking, please let me know hot to address the list from the grid edit events so that I can scroll the list for them as they type.


Paul R.
April 13,
Ok, Dreamweaver showed me every possible css...

.aw-combo-box .aw-item-text I set it to top:-5px; That seems to have cleaned it up.

Now if I can just find the list object, I can start scrolling the list.
Paul R.
April 13,
I think the problem actually comes from the rule line-height:24px

td, th {

TBNOnline.css (line 9)

You should add line-height: 1.6em to #Inventory or to .aw-system-control
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 16,
Thank you for looking at that. I would not have thought to look there at all. This css is actually a Dreamweaver theme. I am very surprised they redefined base tags that way.

Paul R.
April 19,

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