Tooltips - Make visible only if data is not visible

I have a grid. Most of the cells in the grid are visible. Some of them have long names, and they are only visible if I change the width of the column by resizing with the mouse.

I want to show tool tips only if the entire cell is not visible. If I resize the column, and the entire cell becomes visible, the tool tip should disappear.

Can I achieve this?
December 19,
You can assign the function to the tooltip property and make this function to return either the tooltip text or an empty string when the entire cell is visible.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 21,
Hello Alex,

I'm already using a function to build the data text, headers text, and the tool tips. So with the default sizes on the GRID, the tooltips are visible always.

But, when i resize the columns in GRID, the width of the columns is changing and then if in the column that cell text is all visible then that must not have the tool tip.

Please suggest.

Thank you for your help in Advance..!
December 23,
Alex, Any help on ukr's message?
January 4,

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